My name is Bob Smith. I own power tools servicing and sourcing company called Bob Smith Tools which I’ve been running since 2002. My company specializes in sourcing power tools for the trade industry and in particular I help professional trades people to find very specific tools that are often difficult to source by other means.

In the process of running my business, I found lots of people asking me about power tools for DIY projects, and in particular, I had lots of requests to help people in finding the best orbital sanders for various home projects such as sanding down wooden flooring, renovating coffee tables and other similar tasks.

Whilst I am always happy to help people with these types of requests I found that it was very time-consuming having to research and recommend orbital sanders and furthermore I found that I was repeating my research each time someone made a similar inquiry.

That was really when the seed was planted for bestorbitalsander.com and its creation was aimed at reducing the amount of repetition that I would need in order to perform research for different people whilst also providing valuable information to the masses and for free.

Fast forward to the present day (29th June 2020 at the time of writing) and here we have the finished product – my self-built, hand-written fully-fledged guide to orbital sanders. I now have over 50,000 words of hand-written content on this website which covers comprehensive orbital sander reviews for all different brands including Makita, Ridgid, and Bosch among others.

I also have various DIY guides and detailed how-tos from various tasks ranging from how to use a palm sander to polishing your car with an orbital sander. I also have a very informative summary guide on the homepage which compares the most popular orbital sanders and details the best sander for various different projects.

I am still updating and expanding the website as we speak and whenever I see a new and interesting sander appear on the market, I make it my goal to purchase, test, and then write up a comprehensive review for the power tool.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my website, and thanks especially for taking the time to find out about the history of this website and about me personally; I really appreciate it.

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