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Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander review

Product Name:1250DEVS
Weight:5.3 pounds
Power Source:Mains powered
Size:pad size 6"
Speed:3100 - 6650 OPM
Features:dual mode sanding, variable speed, passive dust collection system
Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander review
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If you are in the woodworking industry or do woodwork for fun or any other reason, there is no doubt that you must have the right equipment. I can boldly say that nothing can be better than the Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander.

NOTE: At the time of writing, this sander is currently unavailable to purchase. However, we recently reviewed a very similar sander and a perfect alternative in the Bosch GET75-6N – you can find our review of this alternative sander here.

Bosch is a famous company that only creates the best products and is the choice for many professional tradespeople. And the Bosch 1250DEVS Random Orbital Sander proves why this company has been so successful.

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Among woodworking professionals, the Bosch 1250DEVS is one of the most popular sanding tools, and today in this blog, we are going to give you the exact reason why. This blog will consist of an in-depth review of Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander and give you a proper idea to decide if it is the best option for you.

What is included with this product?

Inside the Bosch orbital sander package, you can find a dust tube, soft backing pad, auxiliary handle, sanding disc and pad wrench. Most importantly, the tool also comes with a one-year unconditional Bosch warranty. This kind of guarantee is very beneficial, so you don’t have to worry about the additional cost of fixing the damage for a whole year.

Features of Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander

bosch 1250devs review

Bosch 1250DEVS electric orbital Sander has a dual-mode, which means normal random orbit mode and the turbo mode. The turbo mode will remove material at about five times the rate compared to the normal random orbit mode. This has a six and a half amp motor no-load oscillations(OPM) per minute between 3,100 to 6,500, controlled with speed control on the back.

Bosch 1250devs has a motor technology that does soft-start and maintains RPMs over various load conditions, so it tries to smooth things. The design of this sander is astonishing. It will make that pad start to spin and walk around with these 1250 revs when then you flip it to turbo mode. There’s a switch there, and you flip it forward. Not only does the motor drive the orbit, but it also stimulates the pad rotation, which is why it cuts material a lot faster.

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It also has a passive dust collection system and requires a vacuum cleaner and hoses. It goes for Bosch VAC001, VAC009, and VAC010 hoses. Furthermore, it also goes with a VAC002 hose adapter.

Who is this product intended for?

The price tag is fairly high compared to other orbital sanders. This clearly says that the bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander is intended for professionals, but that does not mean hobbyists or any other people cannot use it.

I don’t recommend buying this product if you are just starting out doing carpentry and not having an income flow. Instead, you can go with standard orbital sanders or palm sanders, but if you have a proper income and want to pursue a career in woodworking. Or you have a client who pays you for the woodwork; then it’s the best option for you. Simply close your eyes, don’t listen to anyone, and buy it.

How to use Bosch 1250DEVS?

Even if you are a spiderman, you still need to know a proper way to use a tool so that you will not mess it up. Therefore we have inserted a simple not so long video for you.

how to strip paint with a bosch orbital sander

Pros and Cons of bosch 1250DEVS electric orbital sander

bosch 1250 pros and cons


  • Soft start which Lessens start-up torque
  • Fixed Response circuitry – controls pad speed under immense pressures and keeps upon overloads.
  • It has an Integral pad dampening system that helps to limit swirl marks for a consistently subtle finish.
  • The duel action is allotted for both rapid cutting or light work, and the variable speed is another bonus.


There aren’t really any cons of this beast but one of the things I would want is the connection to dust collection could have been better even though it’s not a big complaint—just a mere suggestion. Also, you cannot use this sander with one hand as it’s hard to control. Basically, you need to use two hands to work with it, and the material you are sanding should be maintained by clamping, or the material should be big enough that it does not move.

Does this tool have a variable speed?

Yes, it does have variable speed control. The lowest speed setting on this sander is 3100 OPM and the highest speed is 6650 OPM. This makes it really versatile and you can use it on many different surface types and with varying degrees of abrasive action.

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Is the battery included inside the box?

There is no requirement for a battery with this sander as it is fully mains powered. This is ideal as you will not have to worry about recharging the device. Although it does make it less portable seeing as you have to have it connected to the mains whilst in use.

How much does the Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander weigh?

It weighs around 3.3 kg (7.39 pounds). This is heavier than your typical orbit sander so be careful if you are using it in awkward positions; especially for overhead sanding jobs. After prolonged use, it starts to feel very heavy.

What is the length and height of this tool?

The length of the bosch 1250devs is 12 inches, and the height is 6 inches.

What is the pad size of Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander?

The pad size of bosch 1250devs is 6 inches.

Does this tool pass CSA and UL Safety?

Yes, it does pass both of the safety requirements.

Similar Alternatives to the Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander

At the time of writing, this tool is unavailable to most stockists. This is such a shame as it really is a very good sander; one of the best that we’ve reviewed in terms of sheer power, performance, and build quality. However, we have found a similar alternative in the Bosch GET65-5N 5 In. Dual-Mode Random Orbit Sander which we recently reviewed here.

Sometimes we don’t have enough budget to buy this kind of expensive sanding tool, so we ought to look for alternatives. You can find lots of other orbit sanding tools for less than 100$.

Breakdown Review of the Bosch 1250devs

  • Ease to use: 4.7/5
  • value for money: 4.6/5
  • Ergonomic: 4.6/5
  • Maneuverability: 4.5/5

Don’t take only our word for it. Thousands of people who have bought this tool are completely satisfied with what they paid for.

In conclusion, Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander is a must-have tool if you are into woodworking as it is easy to use and worth money. Also, this tool is very efficient and easy to manage. If you are a person who has burned money in thousands of other sanders and could not decide what to buy, Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander is a way to go, and it will not disappoint you. In short, This tool is incredible and worth every cent.

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