Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander Review

Makita BO6030 6' Random Orbit Sander



The Specs

  • Product Name: BO6030
  • Brand: Makita
  • Weight: 5,1 pounds
  • Power Source: Mains
  • Size: 6 inches
  • Max Speed: 10000 Rpm
  • Features: detachable front handle, variable speed, dust collection system
Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbit Sander
  • Variable speed control dial (4,000-10,000…
  • Efficient through-the-pad dust collection…

Are you an aspiring carpenter? Maybe a woodworking enthusiast?

If you want to get more professional at your hobby and reach new heights, you need the proper tools.

One of the essential tools you need at your workshop is a sander, and the best type of sander is the random orbital sander.

It would help if you avoid getting used to a regular orbital sander; that’s because the spinning pattern can be visible on the piece of wood you are sanding, and you want to avoid this as much as possible.

Recently we got our hands on the Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander and did several trials with it.

Following is our honest opinion and review of this sander and why it can be an ideal piece of equipment for your workshop.

Makita bo6030 Specification Break-down

  • Amperage:7 (Ampere)
  • Assembled Weight:1 (pounds) or 2.3(kilograms)
  • Cord Length:2 (feet) or 2.5(meters)
  • Height:7 (inches) or 19.5(centimeters)
  • Length:4 (inches) or 34(centimeters)
  • Width: 6 .5(inches) or 16.5(centimeters)
  • Net Tool Weight: 1 (pound) or 2.3(kilograms)
  • Package Weight: 9(pounds) or 3.13(kilograms)
  • Voltage: 110 or 240 (Volt)
  • Motor Power: 310(Watt)

Makita bo6030 Random Orbit Sander Intended Usage

Before going on about the technicalities of the Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander, we have to mention that this is a lightweight tool.

This sander is designed to be easily handled and has enough power to take advantage of some rough wood types. Still, it needs to be stronger for professional use, making it ideal for serious woodworking enthusiasts.

Makita bo5041 Review: Vibration Control

An excellent anti-vibration mechanism is an essential part of a quality random orbit sander regardless of the type of usage, be it for professional use or fun DIY projects.

An effective vibration control will make the tool more comfortable to handle, allowing more accurate movements while at the same time making sanding a more relaxing task that will not make the user feel fatigued after a certain amount of using the tool.

In terms of vibration control and anti-vibration mechanism, the Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander comes with a rear handle made from rubber ergonomically designed to make operation easy and reduce the user’s fatigue.

The handle’s rubber absorbs the vibrations created by the disk’s oscillation.

This can bring vibrations to a minimum, reducing them up to 40%.

Makita Random Orbit Sander bo5041 Dust Collection System

Having a sander with a proper dust collection mechanism is also really important.

Maintaining a clean workspace is vital for professionals who own a business, but it is an essential part of the job.

You will not be able to do your job and adequately finish it if you are doing it in a place filled with dust and minuscule wood splinters.

The Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander has a through-the-pad dust collection system.

Specifically, there are nine holes in one sanding sheet, which allows the air to flow through.

The dust is collected either in a dust bag or through a vacuum hose, which can be connected to your tool.

Usually, connecting your sander to the vacuum would allow it to collect all of the created dust. Still, it would be best if you remembered to keep the vacuum at low power, or your sander will be challenging to maneuver.

BO5041 Power

The Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander comes with a motor of 2.7 Ampere.

It also includes a variable speed control dial, which is adjustable inside the range of 4000 to 10,000 OPM (Orbits per minute) to adapt your tool to the material you are working with.

Overall Handling and Controllability of the Makita bo 6030

The Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander is pretty easy to handle.

Its design includes two handles, which allows almost total control of the tool’s operation.

Additionally, the front handle is detachable, making the tool more versatile and allowing it to be used in otherwise inaccessible places like corners.

As mentioned previously, the handle at the tool’s rear is a rubber handle ergonomically designed, providing the ability to grip it in a variety of ways to relieve fatigue from prolonged use.

The fact that the same handle is also rubberized reduces fatigue by a lot.

Combining the ergonomic design and the rubberization and you make an easily handled tool that rarely tires you.

Finally, the sander’s trigger has a large trigger switch along with a lock-on trigger placed in a convenient spot, making long-term use even more comfortable.

Package Contents

  • Makita bo6030 random orbit sander
  • An abrasive disc of 120 grit.
  • A hex wrench.
  • A dust bag.
  • A dust nozzle.
  • A wrench holder.
  • A rubber pad.
  • And the sander’s 1-year limited warranty.


All in all, Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander is a well-designed tool that can be used both by professionals and amateurs alike. Beginners will especially find this tool useful, considering the fact that its price is relatively low. One could even consider buying this sander to be his first and train on the sanding process.

Furthermore, this sander is ideal for detailed work and places not easily accessible with larger tools, and this makes the Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander perfect for a smaller type of project, which is another reason for an amateur woodworker to choose it.

If we mention something wrong about this tool, that would be the dust capacity of its dust bag and the quality of its dust-collecting mechanism. Although the dust-collecting mechanism works quite well as intended, the bag gets filled quickly. That’s why this tool is not 100% suited for really prolonged use and larger projects. However, this is a minor issue that can be solved instantly using a vacuum hose instead of a dust bag.

Concluding, the Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbital Sander is a value trade considering its price and makes an excellent choice for people who are just starting their journey in carpentry and woodworking.

Makita BO6030 6″ Random Orbit Sander
  • Variable speed control dial (4,000-10,000…
  • Efficient through-the-pad dust collection…
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