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Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5 Random Orbital Sander review

Product Name:XOB01Z
Weight:2.9 pounds
Power Source:Battery powered
Size:5.16 x 8.07 x 6.89 inches
Speed:7,000/9,500/11,000 OPM
Features:Triple speed settings, 20-40 minutes sanding time per charge
Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5 Random Orbital Sander review
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A powerful sander with a reasonable price, the Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ random orbital Sander is a tool engineered for fast sanding that you may be interested in buying. If you want to sand without thinking about plugging into an electrical outlet or are not a big fan of palm sander where the cord keeps getting in the way of sanding, this tool is a way to go.

Therefore today, in this blog, we will do an in-depth review of Makita’s XOB01Z Cordless 5 sander, which is more comfortable and convenient to use than many other sanders. And in the completion of this review blog, you will be able to decide if this tool is the right fit for your projects.

What is included with this product?

Along with the Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ random orbital Sander, you can find a Dust Bag (166078-4), 5″ Round Abrasive Disc, Hook & Loop fitting system, and a 120 Grit sanding disc.

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Review of Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander

This tool has three-speed settings (7,000/9,500/11,000 OPM) per minute intended for faster material extraction. And that is great. It has a large 1/8 inch random orbit motion superintendent for high-speed sanding and swirl-free polishing. The grip and shape are designed for increased operator comfort. Also, a one-touch electric speed control switch provides fast-medium and low settings.

This sander is very efficient because of the orbit that they take and the smooth cut they make when sanding. There are two switches on top of the Makita XOB01Z. They are an on/off switch, and the other one has a 1-2-3 on it. After you buy this tool, you will notice that this is a three-speed sander that does not have a wheel on it to adjust the speed but has three play settings.

Dust collector

The Makita cordless orbital sander comes with dust collectors and some screws in there. There is a black hinge on the lower part of it, and you can loosen it, and you would be able to pivot this around to any location. One way of using a dust collector in Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander would be in the back. But if you are connecting it to your dust collector, it may come out in a middle way from where you sand. Furthermore, you would be able to loosen the screw and move it to its back area and connect it to the dust collector.

Pros and Cons of Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander

makita cordless orbital sander pros and cons


  • It provides improved performance and versatility to woodworkers
  • Efficient power management. A single charge is enough for 40-50 minutes of runtime.
  • It has three-speed settings (7,000/9,500/11,000 OPM), and you can effortlessly change with one-touch electronic switch control.
  • The material on which the discs are mounted is infinitely faster.
  • You can find quick-change 5″ (8-hole) hook-and-loop rough paper in XOB01Z for increased flexibility.
  • Feels comfortable in its hands while working.
  • The quality and strength of Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ random orbital Sander are amazing.
  • When you use light pressure, it gives out the best control.
  • It is very effective and cuts the material fast.

Tip: When the battery cartridge is fully charged, it is not recommended to overcharge it as it shortens the battery life.

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  • You need to use larger batteries if you don’t want it to stop in the middle of sanding.
  • Battery, charger, and dust shrouds are not included in the tool
  • Sometimes the dust collector falls off instantly and goes by batteries.
  • It is helpful to have three speeds but sometimes feels like it is a little slower even on the fastest setting.

Common Questions About the Makita xob01z Answered

What is the weight of the item?

The weight of XOB01Z is 1,3kg (2,9 pounds)

What battery size goes with this tool?

18-volt, Lithium-Ion battery.

Are the battery and charger included?

Unfortunately, neither the battery nor charger is included with the Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ random orbital sander.

Does this tool have a variable speed?

Yes, it does have a variable speed. In fact, the tool has 3 variable speed settings.

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What is the warranty for this product?

You will get three years of limited warranty for this product.

Is it worth the price?

For this price of 130$, it is entirely worth buying it as it saves a lot of hassle on sanding instead of using lots of other inexpensive random orbital sanders.

Specifications of Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ random orbital sander

specifications for the makita 18v sander

  • The orbits per minute at low speed are around 7,000/min, medium speed is 9,500/min, and high speed is 11,000/min.
  • The dimensions are 175 mm (6-7/8″) x 123 mm (4-7/8″) x 153 mm (6″)
  • The rated voltage for this tool is D.C. 18 V
  • The Standard battery cartridges for XOB01Z Cordless 5 are BL1815N / BL1820 BL1830 / BL1840 / BL1850


  • Make sure to wear safety glasses
  • Do not leave the tool running.
  • Do not use the tool on the wet surface as XOB01Z is not waterproof.
  • Make sure that no cracks or damage is on the pad before use as it may cause personal injury
  • Most importantly, be sure that you turned off the tool and removed the battery cartridge before carrying out any work on the machine.

Product Rating

Easy to use: 4.8/5

Value for money: 4.6/5

Ergonomic: 4.6/5

Maneuverability: 4.5/5

I have tested various Makita 18 VDC cordless tools, and I have to say that this XOB01Z is very impressive, and I adore its quality, functionality & durability. And if you are wondering, watching the picture where the battery would fit? The battery slips in vertically, in front of the dusting pouch.

Alternatives for Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ random orbital sander

For any reason, if you are not satisfied with this sander. The best alternative can be none other than Bosch 1250DEVS Electric Orbital Sander. But only drawbacks compared to Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ random orbital Sander is the size; as the 1250DEVS is a larger tool.

In conclusion, Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ random orbital Sander is a tool that you can’t ignore as it is efficient, faster, and easy to use. And Having a cordless sander is an excellent convenience. And if you are a lazy person who hates sanding, this tool will probably make your work a little easier.

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