Makita BO5031/2 Random Orbital Sander

Product Name:Makita BO5030 series Random Orbital Sander
Weight:1.9 kilograms
Power Source:electric
Size:123 millimeters or 4.8 inches
Speed:maximum of 12,000 revolutions per minute
Features:Variable speed, non-slip grip for better handling, dust-proof switch, integrated suction system
Makita BO5031/2 Random Orbital Sander
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It is very significant to pick the right random orbital sander for the job particularly when you are ready to start a woodworking project. Here is the Makita BO5031/2 Random Orbital Sander (This range includes the Makita B05030, Makita BO5030K, Makita BO5031, and Makita BO5032), the successor model of Bo5010 and Bo5012. But now, it features a vital aspect in the working field which is electronic speed control.

Product Specification

Key Features of the Tool

  • It has a variable speed to enable a fast and smooth finish.
  • It uses Velcro paper for the rapid exchange of sanding sheets.
  • With huge ball-bearing construction.
  • Designed with a non-slip grip surface for better handling.
  • It has a dust-proof switch.
  • With complete brake ring for an urgent halt of grinding plate.
  • Has an integrated suction system.
  • It has a connectable and external dust collection unit.

Product Review

The BO5031/2 Makita Random Orbital Sander mode has been developed and commercialized as the successor models of Bo5010 and Bo5012 and showcases an electronic speed control and heavy-duty applications. It has the same ergonomic-designed rubberized palm for soft grip as the Bo4555 series models.

Makita’s BO5031/2 Random Orbit Sander delivers smooth and fast action performance with better grip and complete control. The BO5031/2 model is ideal for carpenters, hard-working contractors, or someone who is dealing with woodworking projects that require a best-in-shop random orbit sander. Although we wouldn’t class this as a palm sander, it does come with a grip in addition to the main handle, making it very easy to maneuver.

Model BO5031/2 also comes in the abrasive disc and dust collecting bag. It is perfect to use in a wide range of sanding job applications. This power tool is just another best quality product of the Makita brand – we believe so strongly in this statement that we recently added it to our list as the best orbital sander for home DIY projects. Its commitment and high technology encompass innovative and well-designed random orbital sanders.

Specifications of the Tool

There are negative and positive feedbacks from customers who have already purchased and used the random orbital sander of Makita (model BO5031/2).


  • You can easily use the random orbit sander due to its electronic speed control system.
  • Thanks to the rubberized palm-designed grip, making it very easy to handle for a long period of time.


The toggle switch is hard to operate.

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