Ridgid R8606B 18v Cordless Sander Review

Ridgid R8606B GEN5X 18-Volt 5 in. Cordless...



The Specs

  • Product Name: R8606B
  • Brand: Ridgid
  • Weight: 3,6 pounds
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Size: 5 inches
  • Max Speed: 11000 Rpm
  • Features: ergonomic Hex Grip handle, battery powered, Palm grip
Ridgid R8606B GEN5X 18-Volt 5 in. Cordless…
  • This refurbished product is tested and…

This Ridgid Cordless Orbital Sander contains a ball-bearing mechanism that allows the pad to randomly rotate in orbits, hence the name random orbital sander. This random orbital sander technology in Ridgid R8606B helps us avoid any huge scratches on the surface we are sanding. As a result, we get a uniform and even surface.

Key Features

Ridgid R8606B has a lot of features. Some are helpful, while others are unnecessary. The following is a list of the best features that the Ridgid 18V Sander offers –

  • The most prominent feature of the is that it is cordless. A sander with an attached cord, such as this Ridgid orbital sander, does not bother many people. However, no one would say no to a cordless sander, either.
  • Ridgid cordless sander
  • AirGuard technology allows it to have a cleaner work area by collecting up to 90% of all dust.
  • It also has SOFTStart Technology and a brake pad that helps it prevent annoying gouges while working on the surface.
  • One of the best features of the is the variable speed dial that lets you adjust the speed and power for different purposes and needs.
  • Ridgid cordless orbital sander
  • After buying this, you will get the sander, a dust bag, an 80-Grit hook, loop sandpaper, and an operator’s manual.

Bulky and Heavy: Good or Bad?

Suppose you have been using small, compact, and handy sanders for a long time. In that case, the bulkiness of the Ridgid 18V sander will surely disappoint you. According to Amazon, the weight of this item is about 3.45 pounds. However, the weight is not much of a big problem as some people like the sander being heavy because it helps them to keep the sander on surfaces without putting a lot of force and pressure on themselves. The main issue here is the bulky design of Ridgid R8606B, which makes it uncomfortable and awkward to hold compared to other sanders in the market that are much smaller and easy to hold. But then again, it is cordless as well compared to other sanders in the market that are not.

Soft start and brake

Like its counterpart with traditional power supply, this orbital also stands out for its start and soft brake functionality—a beneficial function when we have to work on delicate surfaces.

Battery Backup: Good or Bad?

The purchase of the Ridgid cordless sander does not include the battery and the charger, as you have to buy them separately. However, you can use your old 18V Ridgid batteries, but keep in mind that the Gen X5 batteries will last longer than others. The battery backup could be better, as many people complain about the battery draining too fast. Some people found the solution to this problem by alternatively using two 4 amp hours battery. The weak battery backup of the Ridgid 18V sander is definitely a huge downside, but it is still a great affordable tool if you can find a way to work around it.

No LSA or Warranty?

A lot of customers have complained that Ridgid needs to honor their Lifetime Service Agreement(LSA). These claims may not be 100% true, but it certainly displays a bad image of the company to their potential customers. The Ridgid R8606B does not provide any warranty, for which many customers have been disappointed. However, some have also claimed that it lasts long enough considering the price.

Why Buy It?

It is certainly an interesting orbital with the ability to mount long-lasting Gen X5 matter and interchange them with other Ridgit devices, so very useful if you are a regular buyer of Ridgit products. Its variable speed starting and braking guarantee you will not damage the material to be sanded with imprudent starts.

Ridgid R8606B GEN5X 18-Volt 5 in. Cordless…
  • This refurbished product is tested and…

Why Not Buy It?

The backup battery lasts just over 10 minutes, which is an unacceptable time for any job, and if you do not already have them at home, you will also have to take into account the purchase of a new battery. It is very bulky and therefore not very suitable in certain situations or for too small hands. The maximum rotation speed is 11000 rpm, a little below the category standard.

Final Thoughts

Considering the price range is around $60 at Amazon, Ridgid R8606B is a great tool with amazing helpful features. The sander being cordless and its speed variable dial are its greatest strengths. The battery backup is surely not all that impressive, but as I said, you can still find a way to work around it.

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