Skil 7445AA orbital eccentric sander

Product Name:Skil 7445AA orbital eccentric sander
Weight:2.4 kg
Power Source:mains
Size:125 mm
Speed:12000 - 22000 rpm
Features:smooth operation for surfaces, quick disconnect feature, orbital movement and double eccentric, 2-year warranty
Skil 7445AA orbital eccentric sander
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Pressure Prevention Feature

Skil Masters has a wide range of orbital sander products which are all known for their high-performance and superior quality materials. However, what borders the line between other products and the Skil orbital eccentric sander is its pressure prevention feature. When you are sanding a wooden chair or any other wooden surface, the probability to apply more pressure than needed is inevitable. This can sometimes lead to unwanted outputs. The manufacturers thought about that firsthand, which was what led them to instigate the pressure prevention feature. It lights on every time the machine senses that you are applying too much pressure.

Dust Filter

People usually don’t mind the dust that is created as they work their orbital sander. However, the dust can actually go a long way in disrupting your work. With that, the manufacturers made sure to create a dust filter to enable the dust to be collected and kept away from the operation.

Supportive Plates

For extra durability, the Skil 7445AA Orbital Eccentric Sander also has supportive plates that will keep the vulnerable components of the model from being damaged. The manufacturers don’t just want you to enjoy sanding your projects; they also want you to keep your orbital sander for a long time.

Made for Durability

This product has a quick disconnection feature that will prevent the machine from being damaged every time you halt the operation.

The Skil 7445AA Orbital Eccentric Sander is deemed to be flawless. However, in the instance that you find something wrong with it, you can always take it to the nearest Skil shop. This model comes with a 2-year warranty, which is just enough time for you to take it for a spin and see if there are things that need fixing.

Noise can be a bit distracting, which is why one of the goals of this model is to let their customers sand their wooden surfaces in peace and quiet through its noise and vibration balancing feature.

The model is equipped with a powerful motor for effortless work. Let the Skil 7445AA Orbital Eccentric Sander do the work for you.

Package Inclusion:

  • 3 sanding discs
  • Dust filter
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