The 5 Best Sanders For Wood That Are Worth Your Money In 2020

Whether you’re looking to build a piece of furniture, put together a DIY desk, or even build and fit a staircase together – it’s undeniable that sanding is going to be one of the more tedious tasks involved in the process.

But, tedious and time-consuming as it may be, if you want your woodworking project to come out well, proper sanding is absolutely a must, and ensuring that you have the best sander for the job is essential.

Thankfully, in today’s high-tech age, there are plenty of awesome power tools that can help make the job a little easier, and take up less time.

types of sanders for wood
using a belt sander on hardwood floors allows you to sand a large area easily

That’s why today, we’ve put together this all-in-one guide to the best sanders your money can buy in 2020. We’ll cover the ins and outs of each top pick, give you our final verdict on each option and even answer some of the burning questions you may have when shopping for a sander of your own.

Let’s dive right in!

Types of Sanders For Wood & How To Use One

Before we jump into the top picks, let’s take a brief minute to talk about a few tips that could help you use your future sander correctly, resulting in fantastic outcomes in any projects you take on.

First and foremost, let’s talk about what the different types of sanders for wood are. There are four main types to cover:

  • Belt Sander – Great for removing rough edges and large amounts of coarse material quickly. Using a belt sander on hardwood floors provides an untouchable finish.
  • Disc Sander – Amazing for being able to sand areas that you can’t cover with larger bulkier sanders.
  • Random Orbital Sander – These offer stellar versatility in being able to do jobs as fine as a finishing sander whilst also packing a substantial punch in terms of sanding power. However, unlike using a belt sander on hardwood floors, an orbital sander is more suited to smaller areas where fine detail or a high-quality finish is required.
  • Finishing Sander – Best for putting the finer finishing touches on your projects. If you’re looking for the smoothest possible finish, this is the type of sander that you’ll need to pick up.

Even though most of these sanders can easily overlap in terms of the use case. It’s never a bad idea to have all four types available in your shop.

Now that you’ve got a good handle on the various types of sanders that exist, let’s cover how exactly you’d go about using one.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Load the sandpaper – there are various grits available, so you should make sure that you know ahead of time which one your project requires.
  2. Turn the sander on and test it – once the sandpaper is loaded using the hook and loop system, switch on the unit and try sanding a piece of scrap wood to make sure that it’s working properly.
  3. Sand away – unlike most other types, random orbital sanders can be used with practically any sort of motion. However, we suggest that you look at the grain on the wood, and sand in the direction of the grain for the best results.

And there you have it – your comprehensive 3-step guide on using a wood sander! Now that you know all about the steps involved, let’s take a look at some of our top picks when it comes to the best sander of the year.

handheld sander for wood

Our Top 5 Hand Sanders This Year

1. Black & Decker BDERO100 Orbital Sander

If you’re just dipping your toes into DIY or have a relatively small project on hand – the BDERO100 is arguably one of the best hand sanders for wood that you could pick out for the job.

Not only does it offer a host of bells and whistles like random orbital action at 12,000 oscillations per minute, a dust-sealed switch, and a hook and loop system for easy pad replacement – but it’s incredibly affordable as well. This results in fantastic value for your money.

And unlike with some brands, the BDERO100 will accept just about any type or brand of sandpaper, so long as the pads are the same size.

When you top all of that off with a comprehensive 2-year warranty from Black & Decker, the value this sander provides per dollar you shell out is really hard to beat.


  • Accepts most types and brands of sandpaper, as long as the pads fit size-wise, unlike most other competitor models.
  • Backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Great value for your money.


  • The dust catcher works just fine but isn’t the most efficient solution out there.

Check out the Black & Decker BDERO100 sander here!

2. Bosch ROS20VSC Orbital Sander

One of the main things that make this sander stand out from other top options is the fact that it features a variable sanding speed. You can work within the range of 7,500 to 12,000 OPM. This allows you to really be in full control of the sanding process.

In addition to this, another standout feature is the fact that this sander features an advanced microfilter dust collection system. It actually does a phenomenal job of filtering dust participate as fine as half a micron in diameter. And when it comes time to clean up – just twist off the dust pod and dump the residue, presto!

If you’ve experienced accidental gouges or unintended swirls with other sanders, the built-in dampening system comes in handy with the ROS20VSC. So, if you’re looking for a smooth and seamless finish, this is one of the best random orbital sanders for the job.


  • Variable sanding speed, allowing you to work between 7,500 and 12,000 OPM, giving you a nice bit of control.
  • Stellar dust filtering setup that captures particles as small as 0.5μm.
  • Features a built-in dampening system to help you avoid accidental gouges or swirls.


  • The smaller 2.5 Amp motor isn’t the best suited for larger tasks.

Check out the Bosch ROS20VSC sander here!

3. Ryobi P411 One+ 18V Cordless Orbital Sander

If a corded sander just isn’t something you’re up for, the P411 One+ by Ryobi is one of the best cordless orbital power sanders available in today’s day and age.

First and foremost, it’s built around the Ryobi One+ battery system. This system is actually universal for all of the One+ series tools that Ryobi has put out over the years. So, while the battery system doesn’t come with the sander itself, you only need to get a single unit for all of your tools – that’s pretty amazing!

Another thing that we really like about the P411 One+ is the fact that it’s incredibly comfortable to use. If you’ve done any decent amount of sanding in the past, you’ll know just how important having a solid and comfortable grip is. This model features rubber over-grips, which means you’ll be able to sand for hours on end without any sort of soreness, slippage, or joint pain.

There is also an assortment of pads that come packaged with the sander. This means you can get started on your project the moment you open the box. Just throw the pads on using the standardized hook and loop system, plug the battery in and you’re good to go.

It’s also important to note that this sander only goes up to 10,000 OPM. But when you consider the scope of any given project you’ll be doing at home – that’s likely going to be more than enough.


  • Clever cordless design with a universal battery system you can use with other Ryobi One+ tools.
  • Comfortable rubber over-grips.


  • Only goes up to 10,000 OPM, compared to the 12,000 that most competitor models offer.

Check out the Ryobi P411 One+ sander here!

4. Bosch 3725DEVS 3.3A Random Orbit Sander

If you’re looking for a somewhat more rugged and durable sander to take on the toughest projects out there, the Bosch 3725DEV should definitely be on your radar.

First of all, this thing is really durable. The sander features a die-cast aluminum gear housing alongside a dual-bearing mount for the sanding pads and added handles to give you ultimate control over the process.

In addition to this, Bosch made a very choice when it comes to the dust collection setup. The dust bin sits just under the main handle, which means all the dust particles won’t be getting in the way of your work at any time. It’s also worth noting that the bin is substantially larger than the other models we’ve featured, giving you more time between refills, which only speeds up your work.

And as a handy add-on, this model also has a solid dampening unit built-in. Just as with the Bosch ROS20VSC, this unit helps prevent any accidental gouges or swirls that may appear if you don’t sand carefully. This adds a nice extra layer of safety and comfort to the tediously detailed work you’re doing.

However, as great as this unit is – it’s a fair bit heavier than the others we’ve reviewed, sitting at a wholesome 5.1 lbs. This is roughly 2 lbs heavier than most other popular competitor models. But, given that it’s purpose-built for the tougher jobs out there, it only makes sense.


  • Durable die-cast aluminum gear housing and overall solid, rugged build.
  • Comfortable dampening unit is built-in to improve accuracy and reduce accidental swirls.


  • Considerably heavier than most other sanders, at a total weight of 5.1 lbs.

Check out the Bosch 3725DEVS sander here!

5. The DeWalt DWE6421K Orbital Sander Kit

While we’ve already covered a handy bunch of amazing sanders, we couldn’t close out our list of top picks without including the DWE6421 sander kit. This unit is known as the most maneuverable orbital sander out there at this time. And when you consider the fact that it clocks in just under $100, it’s practically a steal.

First and foremost, despite the super affordable price tag, it features a surprisingly sturdy build. DeWalt really went all out with dust-sealing the entire sander to make sure that your investment is safe and sound for many years on end. Additionally, they’ve included a dust-sealed switch and even a clever counterweight meant to soften the vibrations produced by the sander, giving you more comfort and precise control.

One other thing that really surprised us when we were reviewing it is the super simple dust collection setup. First off, it collects dust incredibly well, and we’d argue to say that it does a better job than some of the most expensive sanders out there. However, overtop of this, it also features a one-hand locking system that makes reattaching the dust bin on the go a total breeze.

And here’s the best part – the whole unit is backed by a limited 3-year warranty from DeWalt. So, when you consider the price, great array of features, and world-class reliability backed by the manufacturer, this may just be one of the best options despite coming in at the tail-end of our list.


  • Very affordable at just under $100.
  • Comparable feature offerings to other top sanders.
  • Backed by a limited 3-year manufacturer warranty.


  • While the dust bag does a great job overall, it may occasionally blow off while you’re working.

Check out the DeWalt DWE6421 sander kit here!

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to picking out the best possible sander for your woodworking projects, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options you have available in today’s day and age.

But, if you’ve followed along up until this point in our guide, you should have all the necessary know-how and guidance to shop for your very own hand sanders for wood confidently. We’ve given you our top picks for the year, discussed the ins and outs of each hand sander for wood and we’ve even given you all the info you’ll need to know to use them correctly.

With that, it’s our turn to hear from you. What’s the next big woodworking project you’ve got in mind, and what sander are you planning to use for it? Let us know in the comments below!

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