Best Tools for Beginner DIY

jigsaw power tool for DIY beginners

At one stage or another, everyone is exposed to the wonderful world of DIY. Many people have no experience at all other than holding some of the tools for a parent as a kid. This is pretty common, so if you fall into this category, fear not. Whether you’re moving out and need to know what tools to have around, or taking up DIY as a hobby, there are definitely some essential tools you should have.

If you are a hardware shop owner, these tools should be the main focus of your store. They are all essential to any basic or top-quality hardware store. It’s also worth remembering that a lot of your customers will be beginners, so try to make life easier for them. Avail of labeling services such as Pro Motion Industries and clearly outline what tools are what. This helps avoid confusion and lets your consumers have a better understanding. These tools may seem like common knowledge to you, but can be confusing for newbies.


A drill is a must-have in any tool box. You’ll likely have a hard time getting through any DIY project without the use of a drill. The main functions of a drill are to create holes in materials and to fasten nails into place. There are various different types that have different purposes, but even having a classic cordless drill is a great start. You can do a lot with this and if needs be, you can buy further attachments or even invest in specific drills for unusual jobs.


Even if you have never lifted a tool before, you should be able to easily identify a hammer. Just because it is basic does not mean it is not effective. Hammers are fairly plain and simple, meaning as long as it’s a pretty sturdy design, you don’t have to worry about much else. Similarly to the drill, many DIY projects will require the use of a hammer at some stage or another. They usually aren’t massively expensive, and a good quality one should last you for a number of years.


Another necessary one for the simplest of projects, the screwdriver is a must-have in the toolbox. Your drill will cover a lot of your securing needs, but different screw heads require different tightening tools. If your drill does not come with multiple screw heads, you’ll have to invest in a screwdriver set. They usually won’t cost too much and due to the fact you aren’t putting them under major strain they should last a long time.


A jigsaw is the perfect solution for all your cutting needs. Although it may not cut the straightest lines, especially if you’re nervous, it is really effective. Anyway, chances are if you are working on an aesthetically pleasing project you’ll be sanding it down anyway. Although a normal handsaw is also effective, you will be wasting a lot of your time by not using its electric counterpart. You can really use a jigsaw for a lot, so the investment is certainly worth it.

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