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Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander Review

Product Name:ROS65VC-6
Weight:5.3 pounds
Power Source:Mains powered
Size:6" Sanding Pad
Speed:variable speed - 5,500 and 12,000 opm
Features:adjustable peed, integral pad-dampening braking system, soft grip for comfort
Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander Review
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Greetings, fellow carpenters and woodworkers. Are you browsing the web looking for the best tools to make an investment in your repair shop or upgrade your garage?
Has the tingle and numbness you feel on your hands after sanding for a significant amount of time begun to tire you? Perhaps you are looking for a new random orbital sander? You came to the right place.

Having dependable tools of exceptional quality and longevity in your workshop allows you to do your job efficiently. Your tools also need to be easy to use and not getting on the user’s nerves after using them for some time.

A few days ago, we managed to get ahold of Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander. In this article, we will discuss in detail our experience with the Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander.

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The Specs

  • Amperage: 3.3 (Ampere)
  • Assembled Weight: 5.3 (pounds) or 2.4(kilograms)
  • Cord Length: 13 (feet) or 3.96(meters)
  • Height: 6.9 (inches) or 17.5(centimeters)
  • Length: 14.25 (inches) or 36.2(centimeters)
  • Net Tool Weight: 5.3 (pounds) or 2.4(kilograms)
  • Package Weight: 7.18(pounds) or 3.25(kilograms)
  • Voltage: 120 (Volt)
  • Width: 6 (inches) or 15.2(centimeters)

Intended Usage

First things first, this is a sander aimed at people who do professional work and are sanding lots of wood. Comfortable operation and low usage difficulty are the main focus points of this tool.

That is not to say enthusiasts and amateurs are not supposed to use it, but since it is a bit high on the price, it would be kind of a waste if it is bought and used as intended. This goes both in terms of usage frequency and way of using.

Vibration Control

One of the most important aspects of ROS65VC-6 is its vibration control. It allows for smooth operation, making it a child’s play to handle and with way less fatigue for the user after using this tool.

This is made possible with the help of Bosch’s exclusive suspension system, which includes four foam blocks mounted on the motor, which separate it from the housing. This way, vibrations are minimized. And this significant reduction in vibrations is what makes this tool great for professional use. The user will be comfortable and focused while using this because he will fidget way less.

Dust Collector

Another strong point of this random orbital sander is its dust collection system. Well, actually, it’s dust collection systems, because it includes two of them.

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  1. Microfilter canisters with paper filters.
  2. Vacuum hose adapter which connects with the control of the airflow

These two dust collection systems will prevent your workshop from getting congested by dust and wood splinters. Having a clean workplace is extremely important if you want to do detailed work, and this random orbital sander will give you just that.


The Bosch ROS65VC 6-6′ random orbital sander includes an impressive motor of 3.3 Ampere.

It also includes a variable speed control dial, which is adjustable inside the range of 5,500 to 12,000 OPM (Orbits per minute).

We tried out the Bosch ROS65VC6-6″ on a couple of projects, and every single time tool did its job as intended.

This sander will eat through almost anything you throw at it, even the toughest and oldest types of wood which are quite challenging to work with other sanders we have tried


Initially, you, the size of the Bosch ROS65VC6-6″ random orbit sander, might seem like a lot.

This is a reasonably big tool with quite a chunk. Its weight of 5.3 (pounds) or 2.4(kilograms) might not seem a lot when you look at the numbers, but prolonged use of a tool with a weight like this could be a problem and make the user feel fatigued if it wasn’t about its vibration control.

The sander also includes a removable forward handle. This handle grants you great balance during the tool’s operation, so much that you could use it even with one hand. This handle, combined with the vibration control, makes the Bosch ROS65VC6-6″ pretty convenient during usage.

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The tool’s trigger is also pretty quickly turned on and includes a trigger lock as well. This trigger makes the use of the tool even more comfortable as it does not need you to hold down the trigger the whole time you are using it.

Packaging and Contents

Not feeling satisfied yet? If you need something more, the ROS65VC-6 random orbital sander will arrive with a professional Bosch case of top quality.

This case is no other than the Bosch L-BOXX storage case, which has been custom build for the sole purpose of storing this sander, along with its cords and accessories.

Bosch ROS65VC-5 Alternative 5-Inch Model

bosch ros sander ros65vc-5

In addition to the standard 6″ model, this sander also comes in a 5-inch variant. The Bosch ros65vc-5 is almost identical to the 6″ sander in every way – same features, same variable control, and the same comfortable grip. The main difference between the ros65vc-6 and the bosch ros65vc-5 is the disk size (which is 6 inches in the latter) and of course the weight and overall tool size – which are both slightly reduced in the ros65vc-5 model.

Alternatives to the Bosch ROS65VC-6 and ROS65VC-5 that have Similar Performance

If you are looking for a different model to the ROS65VC product range, but one with a similar amount of power, then a suitable alternative would be either the Bosch Professional GEX 125-1 corded 240-volt random orbital sander, or the Bosch GET65-5N 5″ pro orbital sander (Which is also available in both 5″ and 6″ variations). Both of these tools are similar in terms of the power, functionality, and quality of design and build.


Overall the Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander is an excellent Sander that will bring your woodwork to another level and become the new greatest asset of your workshop. It is a polished tool that is well-refined and designed specifically for professional woodworkers and carpenters who are going to use it a lot and bring out its true potential.

We have used a lot of sanders in the past, but their efficiency and convenience of use pale in comparison to the ROS65VC-6’s. After using other sanders on the market, once you use this one for the first time, you will realize how relaxing it is and how much of the fatigue you suffer from others is unnecessary.

So, based on our experience with this tool, it is more than welcome to be part of our inventory, and we are going to take advantage of the value it provides for sure in the foreseeable future.

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